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Monday, November 5, 2012

A little bit of Catch up needed

Hello all...long has come to my attention that I needed to update the blog since the year is getting away from are the highlights since we last met...
Barett graduated from preschool and insisted on wearing a tie with his cap and gown...kinda brought a tear to my eye(OK lets be honest, a whole lot of tears) thinking in 12 years this will be him leaving for college!

A short 4 days after he graduated, he reminded us all that he is still a little boy and took a flying leap off the top bunk in an effort to place his hot wheels on the fan to make them "fly" when he turned the fan on(with a little help from his big brother). Dave and I had settled on the couch to watch a movie thinking foolishly that we had the boys tucked in bed early and it was a good night to just relax...10minutes into said movie there was a thud, screams of terror and pain that every mother knows and never wants to hear and blood...Again Dave never ceases to amaze me with his inability to handle blood. Kale was crying, Barett was white as a ghost flying down the stairs with his favorite stuffed bunny held to his face...sparing the gory details the bunny masked the 4in casualty of bunk bed-hot wheel flinging fun. Knowing there was no way I could "glue" this wound so close and deep to his eye I called upon (yet again) our go to doc, personal physician for anytime little boy antics(AKA grandpa Dan). My Dad knows any call after 8 and on weekends is never a good I snuck this one in at 758 on a Wednesday ;0)
We managed to get Kale calmed, Laeth awakened and everybody into the car for a trip to Children's ER...Thankfully grandma and grandpa were kind enough to watch the other 2 as we sat 4 hrs in the ER with all sorts of "entertainment". Barett as the evidence shows was no worse for the wear and ended up falling asleep before they were able to suture him...have no fear though, once they strapped him down to the papus board he was wide awake and none-too-happy! With a little daddy loving and 4 stitches later we were on our merry way...chicks dig scars right...and that is how we would start a FUN summer!

Laeth turned 2 in June and is his big brothers' biggest fan...much of his summer was spent trying to do whatever they did, which included using the "big boy bat and helmet" and learning to ride big boy bikes with no training wheels. NO STOP RIGHT THERE...I am not crazy enough to let a 2yr old ride a bike with no training wheels, but he did master the scooter and it is quite entertaining to watch someone so small coasting around the sidewalks with a baseball helmet. He potty trained late summer and prides himself on "doing awesome job" going potty like a big boy.
Kale had a kinda bummer summer not being able to play baseball or do swim team because of his eye surgeries in the spring. Not to be left behind though, he found a new love for all things outdoors and was thrilled and that will be the understatement of the join the cub scouts. He begged and pleaded for weeks to go to Canfields to get his uniform, so one late July Day we did just that. I am certain that the lady who checked us out may still be laughing as he proceeded to strip his clothes off in the store to put the whole get up on. He wore the outfit for a good 36hrs straight before I had to pry it off of him to take a bath...mothers win eventually. He is loving 1st grade and all things boyscout, much to the dismay of his father(Dave dropped out after his first cub scout camp out all those years ago;0)
What else's is cooking in the Sykora Kitchen...?

Well this little chubby cheeked little muffin...and yes the flavor has changed this time around...much to the amusement of her big brothers!

We decided to tell the boys by sending them on a scavenger hunt around the inside of the house and then tying pink balloons to the outside on some chairs. Kale was the most thrilled since he has been asking Santa for a baby sister for 2 years running, Barett was more entertained by the balloons, and Laeth was just happy to be running around chasing the big boys as they hunted down the clues. When all was said and done we sent the balloons skyward to Baka Rosie so she could have a party...
I have done well with the PINK explosion purchases, but cannot wait to put this on her in a couple weeks...yes end of November she is due to make her much anticipated arrival...and now you wonder no more why I have been absent from the blog world.
With these 3 as older brothers, I told Dave she will get a pony for sure if she SURVIVES til she turns 1!
 Biz turned 5 in August and started kindergarten at my old grade school. He just finished 1st Quarter and he is everybit as intelligent as his big brother. He enjoys the challenges of reading and math and is a little sponge of new "knowledge nuggets" everyday.

End of September...Dave and I ventured to New Orleans, leaving the boys behind, for a wastewater conference that Dave had to attend. Hello Shopping. It was the last week my OB would allow me to travel so I took full advantage of the opportunity to explore the big Easy. VERDICT: Nice place to visit, great people, fun shopping, swamps scary, cannot say that I would EVER want to be on Bourbon St. for Mardi Gras. A normal Saturday was enough for me, these 4 eyes have seen alot, but after Bourbon St. there are somethings better left unseen...

Well that is all for now...I will attempt to do a better job at updating and do promise to post pics when Miss Sassy Sykora arrives later this week...month...:0)